Saturday, November 8, 2014


the day after halloween, we left for seattle. we talked about this trip back in january, but then we didn't do any more talking or planning for it until about a week before it happened. michael mentioned it and i was like, we're going? he said of course we were going, and we basically just packed up and left without a plan. we drove all day saturday and stayed in portland that night. on sunday we drove along the coast and then over and up to seattle. we stayed with some friends, the hudsons, and they were awesome. while we were there we went to pike's place, the space needle, the ferris wheel, the fremont troll, the flight museum, had handmade ice cream, ate the best thai food of our lives, visited some families from michael's mission, and spent time hanging out with the hudsons. it really was such a fun trip with no pressure and no schedule. my favorite part was of course just having my little family all to myself all week. we were sad to see the trip end, and we definitely want to go back soon!

Saturday, November 1, 2014


this year, the family halloween party was at the goateses' house. everyone was here because mckay had gotten home the day before, so we had the party a couple days early. it was a blast! shauna is unreal with decorations and attention to detail. it was a harry potter theme, and we all got an owl with an invite. then everyone got a wand, a frog, and a potion. we got on platform 93/4 and then had dinner in the "great hall." i actually took zero pictures of the decor, but what are ya gonna do.

the next day was dane's school performance and carnival. he was adorable, and he and cole both had a blast at the carny!

on the real halloween, we went to our ward trunk-or-treat and then had the stotts over for thai food. classic halloween food i guess. ha. we did make some witch's brew and called it good. the kids had a blast and got way too much candy, as usual!

Friday, September 5, 2014

first day of pre-k

i can't believe another year of school is already starting. the summer went too fast! dane is in pre-k this year, so he will go three days a week instead of two. i don't know what i'll do without him! on his first day, he sat next to a little boy and said, "hi. i'm dane. what's your name?" and immediately they were friends. he is such a friendly, loving little boy. i am just so proud of him!

the night before his first day, we had a little back-to-school dinner. we want him to realize how fun and exciting a new year is, so we tried to really jazz it up. he thought the dollar store decorations and crowns were great!

 the next morning the decor was still out, so we had a back-to-school breakfast and wore the crowns again. he thought it was a real party!

 while he was at school, cole and i made cookies for him to come home to. this is something we did last year, and i think it's a fun first-day tradition. i can't believe he's already this big!