Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cole at 15 months.

I have been telling people "he just barely turned 1" and then the other day my sister was like, "he'll be 15 months tomorrow!" Wait. What??

I had forgotten how much fun this stage is. I love watching his little personality develop. He is getting good at communicating what he wants, and he'll repeat most things we tell him to say. His favorite word is grandma (gomaaaaaw!!) and he is always on the lookout for grandma. He knows where his belly, toes, eyes, ears, and head are, and he knows that a lion, monkey, elephant, cow, and dog all say. He is obsessed with Bronx and is always trying to get to him. He loves to go outside, downstairs, and just go bye bye. He hates the car and screams the majority of the time we're in it. I turned his dear around a couple weeks ago and he was loving that for a couple days, but now he's back to the screaming. It's fun! He is obsessed with his sippy cup and doesn't care what's in it; he just wants it all. The. Time. He is a mana's boy but is also obsessed with Michael. He usually sleeps about 7-7 and then naps from 11-12:30ish. If we're lucky we can get a second nap around 3, but it doesn't happen too often. He is a good baby and is content to play until I start trying to cook something in the kitchen. Then he is right at my feet hanging on me and crying to be held. He's a pretty good eater. Right now he is obsessed with bananas and chicken, but he doesn't like grapes or tomatoes. He started walking a couple months ago and now he doesn't really ever crawl. He tries to run but his little legs don't quite know how to keep up. He is also OBSESSED with books. A few times a day it will get quiet and I'll find him in Dane's room just pulling books down and turning the pages. It is adorable. He is such a fun boy! I love this stage!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

cole's 1st birthday.

we had so much fun celebrating cole all day long yesterday. we started the day with breakfast at kneaders.

then we came home and got ready for his party while he took a nap. when cole was probably 6 months old, i had the idea to do a very hungry caterpillar birthday. i debated about a few other themes, but when i found these invitations it confirmed that's what i wanted to do:
we had a light lunch which consisted of the food the caterpillar eats in the book, and i thought it turned out pretty yummy! we had a salad for the 'nice green leaf' and watermelon candies for the slice of watermelon, and we skipped out on the plums, sausage, and subbed ham for salami.

after lunch we had presents. a birthday a week after christmas is a little tricky, so we kept it pretty simple. of course he got spoiled by grandparents and aunts, though!

after presents was cake! the cake is always my #1 stress, so this year i vowed to just order one. my cute cousin, sadie, made it, and i thought it turned out adorable!
we gave cole a slice, and he didn't waste any time digging in! he mostly squished it through his fingers, but he did get a few big bites in.

after the party we went to pizza pie for dinner, then came home and got the kids to bed! it was such a fun day. we love this little guy so much and are so glad we got to spend a whole day celebrating him! happy birthday, sweet coler!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

christmas day.

christmas morning was magical. cole was the first one up, and we played with him on our bed while we eagerly waited for dane to get up. once he did, he showed us that santa had taped off the living room
dane crawled under the paper and gasped, "i got a BIKE!" it was sweet because he was 100% sure he was getting a bike--no questions about it. but then once he saw it he acted so surprised. michael and ripped down the paper (which caused a huge meltdown from dane. we had to retape it. he's rotten, but it was christmas!), and cole crawled in. he picked up a candy cane filled with jelly beans, and was happy for the rest of the morning. dane was excited about his bike but quickly said, "brother didn't get a tunnel!" it was so sweet how concerned he was (cole did get a tunnel, it just wasn't set up). anyway, dane ripped through everything as fast as he could, and michael and i opened gifts from each other.

we had butterscotch rolls and then we all took a nap until the stotts came over for brunch. we ate with them and the kids played, and then they left and we spent the day lounging around, sledding down the stairs, and playing with new toys. it was such a perfect day. i love spending these holidays with my little family. dane was really into everything this year which made it so magical! it was so much fun to see his reaction to everything! cole was content with wrappy paper and looking and everything, and it was a good reminder of how simple christmas really should be. i don't know if i started thinking about it early this season or what, but i felt like the season lasted a little longer than usual. i loved it. best christmas ever :)

christmas eve.

since we started dating, we've spent christmas even in oakley. this year we decided to mix it up and have michael's parents and jenna come to our house! we did our traditional cookie-making after lunch, and then we started getting ready for the nighttime festivities.

while we were cleaning up and starting dinner, jenna sent a text to let us know mckay was online! i hopped on Skype and called him, and it was so much fun to see him! we chatted for quite a while and ended up doing a google hangout with the rest of the fam. it was great! while we were skyping i was in and out getting dinner ready, but it just warmed my heart to see everyone huddled around the little computer scree to cram as much talking as possible into an hour (why we didn't hook up to the tv we don't know).

after chatting we had dinner, and then it was on to new jammies! dane loved opening everyone's presents, and cole loved the wrapping paper :) we also put out some oats for the reindeer!

 we then did gifts to the savior, and got the kids to bed. then for our favorite part of christmas! i thought being a kid at christmas was fun, but being a parent is 100 times better. after everything was ready to go, we watched a show and went to bed!

Monday, December 23, 2013

zoo lights.

tonight while michael was at work, michael's parents took me and the kids and jenna to zoo lights! we've been trying to get there the last 3 years, and this year it finally worked out. a fun surprise was when we got there and jenna was on her phone skyping mckay! such a fun surprise! he had called to set things up for the next day, and it was fun to see him for a second! cole was so content in the stroller with his sippy cup and monkey, and dane loved running around and having a snow ball fight with pa. we ended the night with hot chocolate in the little cafe where pa did magic tricks for dane, and dane had us all belly laughing with his comments and jokes. it was a great night!

Friday, December 20, 2013

preschool christmas program.

dane had his preschool program today, and it was just about the cutest thing i've ever seen. i have been so impressed with his preschool! he refuses to sing any songs when i ask him about them, so we were pleasantly surprised to see that he knew the word to every song. he looked so cute up there in his santa jammies, and i don't think michael and i could have wiped the smiles from our faces if we'd wanted to. we are so proud of this boy!

Sunday, December 8, 2013


the past couple years my mom has invited us to the zion's bank kids' christmas shin-dig, and the kids always have a blast. this year they showed "the grinch" and filled the kids up with juice, popcorn, treats, and prizes (at 9 a.m. perfect). after the movie, the grinch showed up, and then santa came! cole stayed home with michael because he was sick, but dane had fun playing with cousins and seeing santa.

after the party we went to lunch, and then we came back to my house to decorate gingerbread men. this was one of our more brilliant ideas. the kids loved it! and those kits from costco are genius. never will i ever buy stuff to make these things from scratch.

it was a fun day!