Thursday, May 1, 2014


my birthday this year was great! michael is always so good about making it a special day, and this year couldn't have been any better. we started the day by going to macey's for donuts. my fave food lately! then we came home and had a nap, and then we woke up and had ice cream cake and headed out to hike the y! i wanted to spend the day as a family doing something fun, so hiking the y seemed perfect!

afterwards we grabbed some cafe rio, and then we came home. michael said he was going to run an errand, and he came home with a new car! he had been talking about getting a new one for a while, but i never expected him to surprise me with one!

that night michael's parents came to watch our kids, and we went to benihana's. our new fave!

it really was a perfect day.

Monday, April 21, 2014


this year we spent easter in manti with my mom and kim because michael was at work. on saturday we dyed eggs and then had an egg hunt for the kids.

that night we went to my aunt di's for a bbq and s'mores, and the kids had a blast!
on sunday they woke up to new church clothes and another egg hung from the easter bunny!


after church we headed to the station to visit michael and pa!

after hanging out at the station for a bit, we went to oakley for dinner. it was a day of driving and the kids were beat, but it was a good day!

the next morning the easter bunny came to our house and left kids ANOTHER egg hunt and some fun prizes in their easter baskets! dane was hi-LARIOUS during the egg hung! he couldn't get over everything the easter bunny left! cole was happy holding his bubbles :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cole at 15 months.

I have been telling people "he just barely turned 1" and then the other day my sister was like, "he'll be 15 months tomorrow!" Wait. What??

I had forgotten how much fun this stage is. I love watching his little personality develop. He is getting good at communicating what he wants, and he'll repeat most things we tell him to say. His favorite word is grandma (gomaaaaaw!!) and he is always on the lookout for grandma. He knows where his belly, toes, eyes, ears, and head are, and he knows that a lion, monkey, elephant, cow, and dog all say. He is obsessed with Bronx and is always trying to get to him. He loves to go outside, downstairs, and just go bye bye. He hates the car and screams the majority of the time we're in it. I turned his dear around a couple weeks ago and he was loving that for a couple days, but now he's back to the screaming. It's fun! He is obsessed with his sippy cup and doesn't care what's in it; he just wants it all. The. Time. He is a mana's boy but is also obsessed with Michael. He usually sleeps about 7-7 and then naps from 11-12:30ish. If we're lucky we can get a second nap around 3, but it doesn't happen too often. He is a good baby and is content to play until I start trying to cook something in the kitchen. Then he is right at my feet hanging on me and crying to be held. He's a pretty good eater. Right now he is obsessed with bananas and chicken, but he doesn't like grapes or tomatoes. He started walking a couple months ago and now he doesn't really ever crawl. He tries to run but his little legs don't quite know how to keep up. He is also OBSESSED with books. A few times a day it will get quiet and I'll find him in Dane's room just pulling books down and turning the pages. It is adorable. He is such a fun boy! I love this stage!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

spring break in st. george!

last year we went to st. george for springs break, and we were so excited to do it again this year! we went down on a monday morning, and we stayed until the following sunday! it was so fun and relaxing! we stayed in a hotel the first 3 nights, and then we went to my aunt di's for the next 3 nights. we mostly just hung out, swam, ate, and explored, but it was a blast! i think this will definitely be happening in years to come.